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After retiring as a military officer, my father began a process to groom me for oversight of the NC family farm which had been outsourced for over 30 years.  The goal was to develop a business model to migrate the farm to an income producing asset.

Initially, we considered a transformation into an organic farm using high density farming techniques such as aquaponics.  This idea ultimately manifested into Industrial Hemp in 2015 when North Carolina implemented House Bill 313.  

Ubiquity LLC, has matured our business acumen with highly qualified personnel in science and business operation management and were postured to embark on the journey toward full-scale Industrial Hemp harvest and cultivation   Throughout our intensive transition and study over the last 4 years, Ubiquity LLC is deeply immersed into becoming an Industrial Hemp expert.  Our momentum is derived from our parents whom each have had cancer three (3) times and other ailments such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a host of other debilitating ailments.      

iHemp is a commodity product and learning the farming skills from the best and brightest in the industry will “Bridge the Gap” of experience.  At Ubiquity LLC, we own the land and have unique ingredients to our products.  The goal is to master the turn-key process and build the industrial greenhouse on the family farm to produce the world’s most viable CBD oils. 

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