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About Us - Old

Welcome to Piedmont Hemp Co.®, where our rich heritage of resilience, innovation, and commitment to well-being converge to craft premium health and wellness products infused with the finest hemp. Our story is deeply rooted in the legacy of Grandpa Johnny, a man of remarkable resilience and business acumen. In the challenging era of the Great Depression, with no ability to read or write, Grandpa Johnny's vision and determination led him to acquire a 75-acre farm in Elm City, North Carolina, for $2,350.00 in 1935.

This land, rich with potential and promise, became the cornerstone of our family's journey. The farm evolved into a treasured heir property through the generations, meticulously cared for by John Estee Parker, our beloved father. His stewardship from one generation to the next ensured that the spirit of entrepreneurship, dedication to our land, and hard work and innovation values were preserved.

In 2017, a significant milestone marked the evolution of our family's farming legacy. In collaboration with the North Carolina A&T State University Agriculture Department, the NC Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Commission granted our farm a license. This pivotal moment heralded the beginning of our journey into hemp cultivation, opening new pathways for innovation and wellness.

Inspired by the healing potentials of hemp and walking in the entrepreneurial footsteps of Grandpa Johnny, Keith, and Tasha founded Piedmont Hemp Co.®.

Alongside childhood friends and now key business contributors Ron Smith Jr. and Michele Battle, they form the backbone of our brand. Their collective vision, passion, and dedication fuel our mission to harness the natural power of hemp in creating products that promote health, wellness, and a sustainable future.

Our journey from a family-owned farm to a pioneering force in the hemp industry is a testament to our enduring commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. At Piedmont Hemp Co.®, we honor our past as we look to the future, striving to enrich lives through hemp's natural benefits. Join us as we pioneer new paths, guided by the legacy of resilience, innovation, and well-being that defines our story.


As the premiere partner in the supply chain of industrial hemp throughout the Piedmont Region, we're dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainable hemp products. Our mission is driven by a commitment to eco-friendly practices and advancing the hemp industry.


At the core of Piedmont Hemp Company are our three pillars: Education, Equipping, and Empowering. We aim to educate landowners about hemp, provide necessary resources and technology, and empower them to become self-reliant entrepreneurs within the industry.

Why Industrial Hemp?

  1. Benefits and Versatility: Hemp stands out for its environmental benefits, ability to clean the soil, and versatility across various industries. From textiles and biofuels to construction materials, hemp is paving the way for a sustainable future.
  2. Environmental Impact: Hemp is crucial in carbon sequestration and offers a sustainable alternative to traditional industrial materials. Its cultivation and utilization reduce our carbon footprint and promote ecological health.
  3. Economic Opportunities: The growing global market for hemp presents significant financial opportunities. Piedmont Hemp Company is at the forefront of harnessing these opportunities to foster economic growth and sustainability.
  4. Challenges and Future Directions: Despite facing regulatory and perceptual difficulties, we're committed to research and development to enhance hemp's benefits and overcome obstacles.

Our Difference

Piedmont Hemp Co.® is a veteran-owned, economically disadvantaged, small-based, vertically integrated company. Our unique approach ensures unmatched quality from seed to sale, focusing on transparency, safety, and customer well-being.

Our Products

Overview: Our range of products, from the Spa Line to the Health and Wellness Line, is designed to enhance your well-being. Each product undergoes rigorous certification to ensure purity, quality, and efficacy.

Meet the Team

Dr. Mary Olodun, a naturopathic doctor with over 20 years of experience, founded TRILERA HOLISTIC CARE, LLC, offering affordable, plant-based nutritional guidance. Robert Myles Jr., leader of Myles Consulting Group, LLC, brings his expertise in acquisition, program management, and IT services, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.

Our Commitment to Innovation

We constantly invest in research and development to innovate and improve our products. Our future vision includes economic development initiatives, partnerships with universities, and the creation of an industrial hemp ecosystem.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to explore our products and join our community. Together, we can create a more sustainable and prosperous future with hemp.

Our story

Welcome to Piedmont Hemp Co.®, where heritage  converges with innovation to craft premium health and wellness products infused with the finest hemp. Remains rooted in the legacy of Grandpa Johnny. Although illiterate, his vision, resilience and business acumen enabled him to purchase a 75-acre farm during the height of the Great Depression in 1935. 
Rich with potential and promise, this land became the cornerstone of our family's journey. Our father, John Ester Parker, continued the legacy and provided stewardship that preserved the spirit of entrepreneurial excellence.  

Owing to his efforts, our values
 of dedication, hard work and innovation were preserved. 
In 2017 our collaboration with the North Carolina A&T State University Agriculture  Department served as a catalyst that led to the farm being licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Commission. This marked our entry into hemp cultivation.   
Inspired by the agricultural possibilities of cultivating hemp and continuing the legacy of Grandpa Johnny and John Estee Parker,  Keith and Tasha founded Piedmont Hemp 

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